The Cambridge Theological Federation

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The Bounds Lady Margaret Road Cambridge CB3 0BJ
01223 760085

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CTF ERMC Belsey Bridge

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CTF ERMC Hollywell Lodge

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Quality Assessment outcomes
Quality Assessment is the process the higher education funding bodies use to gain assurance about the standard of the qualifications awarded by a higher education provider and the quality of the academic experience provided to students.

Quality assurance report

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All higher education providers are required to meet national requirements for the standard of their qualifications and the quality of the academic experience provided to students.

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)
The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is a government scheme which recognises excellent learning and teaching in universities, colleges and other higher education providers. It provides information to help higher education students choose where to study.

This provider did not participate in the TEF.

The TEF is voluntary and each higher education provider decides whether or not they wish to take part.

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